How is it like to Live in Bursa?


On the very first question of every tourist, foreigner who plans to come to Bursa: "How is it like in Bursa?", we simply answer as in Paradise.

The reason why we stand behind that answer is because Bursa is offering authetincy, and even though rich with historical, industrial and economical-business centers, it lacks of crowdity which bigger cities have, such is Istanbul. Here in Bursa you can enjoy wide range of variety activities, be in the 4th biggest city in Turkey called "Green Oasis", cause of the enourmosly huge green areas, enjoy in the most amazing turkish delicates, cusine, enjoy wide range of entertainment activites, establish different scope of businesses and yet be able to stay in such calm and pleasent ambience of one city. How we could say there is everything for everyone in Bursa.

So let us tell you a bit more of Bursa, where is it located. The city of Bursa is one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey, and it is located near Istanbul at the opposite end of the Sea of Marmara. It enjoys charming views and has a famous mountain, which made it a coastal and Mountainous geographical environment. Life in it is characterized by ease, availability of work fields, and various types of residence, and it also has many tourist attractions and many archaeological sites, all of that and others, making it at the forefront of cities that people want to live in and reside in their lands.

The best residential areas in Bursa

Mudanya district is located north of Bursa on the Sea of Marmara and is considered one of the important tourist areas in the city. The area is about 346 m2, and its population is about eighty-three thousand people, and it consists of one town (Terelia), thirty-six villages, and eight neighborhoods. It enjoys the temperate climate of the Marmara Sea region, and it is about thirty kilometers from the city center of Bursa.

Nilufer is the third-largest area in Bursa, and it is witnessing a great development in the field of construction and real estate development in Turkey, which made it the most populous region of Bursa during the recent period. Nilüfer district was named after Nilüfer Khatun, wife of the second Ottoman Sultan, Orhan Ghazi Who opened the city of Bursa and made it the capital of the Ottoman Empire.

Gemlik district of Bursa Gemlik area is one of the most beautiful areas of Bursa, with an area of about four hundred m2, and the number of its population is about one hundred thousand people, and the area is characterized by its beauty and tranquility, and it contains the most luxurious residential complexes that many desire, due to its availability of the elements of complete well-being and because of the various services it contains.

The cost of living in Bursa Living in Bursa is an average cost, like most Turkish cities and states, as it is not part of the high cost, especially if it is compared to other countries in the world that have characteristics that they bring in terms of sophistication and urbanization. The minimum wage meets the human need for a decent, medium-cost life, and this matter is relative to each person and their financial capabilities and life needs. The cost of living in Bursa includes the costs of basic food commodities, public transportation, and monthly apartment rents, the cost of education, in addition to the cost of restaurants, clubs, and other activities.  

How does this sound to you, tempting right? 

You can check amazing property opportunities here, and let us know if there is something out of your preference and we will assist you, and answer all your questions. 

Welcome to Bursa, one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey.


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